domenica 21 giugno 2015

DAY 1 - MFW SS 16

First Impressions of this Milan Fashion Week?? HELL FUN! :)
It was actually the first time that I decided to take my camera with me,
go outside the fashion shows and shoot the people that worth, not because of WHO they are 
(believe me... I am very bad at this, recognizing people on the streets?! Not for me!)
but HOW are dressed! I took many pictures that I you can see online on my Spottin' Style account .

The first thing I thought it was that actually, there were more photographers than the rest.
At the same time that someone would stop to pose for a picture, 5-6
photographers would stop along with them and shoot one.
Me and the photographers were like lions and the spotted people,
gazelles in the savannah of fashion's industry. LOL

In the end, only two didn't want to be photographed (who knows...)
but eventually I had the chance to meet some really nice people!
First of all, Scott Schuman aka THE SARTORIALIST: Kind and helpful!
If you don't know him (WHAT?) I kindly suggest you to take a look at his blog:
it was one of the first of the kind and I find his pictures simply stunning!

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

And after Emporio Armani and CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME fashion show in the Navigli area, me and my colleague Barbara decided to take a break in a place that I really love:

That's Bakery
Via Vigevano, 41, 20144 Milano
*** Who wants yogurt with fresh fruit and muesli?? MEEE!! ***


Then, outside Jil Sander's I met a sweet Italian girl and model, Ilaria .
She caught the attention of every photographer (and not only) reinventing, with some
limited budget, something seen on D&G's catwalks: a real tribute to Italy!

Also, she is also very, very nice :)
Hope to meet her again!


A sooooo stylish couple...

To check it out the rest of the pictures,take a look at my Spottin'Style gallery.
Let me know what you think :)


venerdì 19 giugno 2015


Tomorrow along with Barbara (an Italiano photographer that I had the chance to meet thanks to I am going with my camera and try for the first time to spot runaway's streetstyles .
I will take my smartphone also, by the way. So, STAY TUNED :P
Wish me luck!

See you at
Emporio Armani Fashion Show
Costume National HOMME Fashion Show


mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

#TSW?: Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott and Madonna ... the trio united in MOSCHINO - MET GALA 2015

Two nights ago New York hosted the MET GAL 2015 .
Don't you think that Katy Perry with this pixie hair cut is just STUNNING?

Demi Moore Katy Perry in Moschino

The 30-year-old's strapless garment featured multi-coloured graffiti and also came complete with long, matching gloves. Do you remember my post about this beautiful Moschino's dress? The Roar singer carried a quirky Moschino bottle bag as she smiled for photographers.

Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott

Also. Madonna + Long Gown = LOVE
The 56-year-old singer arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City wearing a graffiti-covered Moschino gown. The black dress fell straight to the floor and allowed the Material Girl star to show off plenty of cleavage.

Madonna and Jeremy Scott doing the gentleman .

According to me, they were the QUEENS of the night. What do you think?
Leave me a feedback :)


giovedì 23 aprile 2015

Wake up, peopleee :)

Don't waste your time for sleeping like The poor Snowhite! Wake up princesses and princes and fight for your dreams today :)
Good Luck

Angela <3

domenica 12 aprile 2015

Have a sunny day ;)


Good Day everybody!
This is a perfect outfit for a Spring sunny Sunday like today.
Which item do you like most?
I love in particular the Kimono and the shoes (Adidas Original by Pharrell Williams... great, aren't they?) ... Drop me a comment and tell me what's your favourite! :)


lunedì 6 aprile 2015

Have a Good Tuesday!

Every holiday's next day like this.
Hope you will be less lady than me!
Today I have 2 jobs interview, wish me luck :)