sabato 10 gennaio 2015

TSW presenting ... Nirrimi . A gipsy, colorful, mother, girl and photographer. READ MORE! #photography

all the pictures of this post belong to Miss Nirrimi J. H.

from her blog, :
"I took some portraits with Ajier yesterday. One minute the sun was bright and the sky was blue, and the next lightning was piercing the sky and puddles were forming at our feet. I had no umbrella but I shot through the rain for as long as I could before huddling inside a little cave. It was Ajier, Jo (who was assisting) and me, and with nothing manmade in sight I imagined we were living in ancient times. We watched the rain beat on the cliffs and the grey sky light up. I felt like I could have stayed in that little cave watching the storm for hours."

Nirrimi J. H,


Reminds me of Sia's Chandelier music video.

from her blog :
"One day my sweet friend Claire drove me & Ashlin out of town. The winter wind drew goosebumps on Ash’s skin while we photographed so we wrapped her in a blanket between shots. We watched the sky change colours and saw the light change along with it. I realised how glad I am to be a photographer, to get the chance to embrace so many sunsets and idyllic places. To soak in the world’s beauty.
Stylist: Claire Hart
 Model: Ashlin "

Nirrimi J. H.

I love this band of gipsy. Don't you just want to stand up, go out from your house and follow a group of people just as Nirrimi's does? She pictures her wonderful world with amazing colors and lenses. She is truly talented!
I read about her since 2008, when I started to take pictures. I know she doesn't know me at all, but I am her friend on facebook so sometimes I look at the wonderful pictures of herself and her daugher Alba (a real Panda!) ... So have a look and enjoy those beautiful masterpieces of Nirrimi.

Do you want to add to your picture Nirrimi's magic? She's not only a talented photographer but she's wicked with Photoshop. She makes give-aways regularly and her PS actions are very simple to use ! Check them out @ The Color Shop .


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