mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

My passion for Techno music...

MEO Outjazz Lisbon

Ok so, maybe very few of you know that a part from photography, DJ and Mixing is another hobby of mine . I learned to mix with a little Hercules MK4 Consolle with my best friend (o hermano) Rodrigo in Erasmus, because we were both into that kind of music at that time. 

The Crew

My friend Rodrigo in Madrid
When the Erasmus ended, I bought the same mixer for myself and started to "pinch" a little bit. Of course my first uploads are S-H-A-M-E but I think I got better with time :) What do you think? 

Me spotted in Madrid :D

And you? Which music do you prefer?
I leave you with the podcast I just made for February/March... Tracks are quite old but Today after a looong time I decided to play again. Let me know your opinion :)

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