domenica 1 febbraio 2015

#TSW : What about... SUNGLASSES? Tips for 2015... Dreaming Summer...


dreaming Summer '15...
Stella McCartney, found on

Just Cara Delevigne playin' around.

Finally COLD DAYS are over (maybe...) even if in Milan it was snowing a lot last days! Only in the suburbs :) Today I just got back into my hometown(sorry for the lack of updates!) and it was incredible the difference of temperature between the two cities! Yes, I live in the South of Italy which is hotter than the North!
So what's the best thing that goes well with sun, as well as Bikinis?

I ADORE Dior cat eye glasses - very cute. To wear with a bomber jacket and some capris for a "funky vintage" look.

These are CRAZY! Found them on

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