lunedì 2 febbraio 2015


WINTER AFTERNOON : Random Diary...

So this day was very productive. I met my bestfriend and we decided to take a dessert in one of the best Ice Cream Shop in town! SANDRINO . I took some photos and I am so sorry for the low quality... Hope you enjoy :)

 Sandrino' s Ice Cream, Coffee and Bakery. Sweet & Salt.
Vegan Ice Cream, Muffins, Pasticciotti, and the best thing is that at the base of any ice cream you get a shower of white/black chocolate in your cono ! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Sandrino Ice Cream - Stracciatella and Chocolate Mousse... YUMMY!
- sorry for my face... LOL -
Then we decided to do some shopping and go to Zara... Where Sales are still ON!! I've found the perfect piece for my wardrobe... An awesome black handbag, which is just purrr-fect. I've already saw it on Michael Kors but since I don't have 180$ to spend on bags, ZARA's one was way better.

Michael Kors VERSION
Jules Drawstring Crossbody Bag, Black $168.00
or the cheaper version from ZARA? I choosed the second option... I bought it for only 29€! 


Tassel Bucket Bag €44 

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