venerdì 20 marzo 2015

#TSW ... SPOTTED: Milan Woman Fashion Week SS 2015

Okay, I know I am late for writing this post. But... who cares? I mean, you know I love writing and I try to keep alive my blog as I can, but last days I had a very loww KARMA... I am looking for an house and a job in Milan, so please, be patient! :)

I was just crushing around Milano Camera della Moda website and see the collections that my favourite designers just presented. I choose the items that I think are the most alluring. Let's start!



Jaquard satin coats, Torero style. I love them! But this collection is just a masterpiece of the lovely Alberta. History and Art just melt togheter to flourish in Clothes that let the woman free to recreate that Opulence of Rinascimento Italiano. 9+



Minimal, androgynous look for the woman of CN. Predominant color: black. Sometimes grey and blue. These dresses are so damn sexy! 10



I love the materials... the shiny dress would be perfect for a Girls Night Out, clubbing.
And the long coat and dress seem perfect for a Modern Malefica. 8


I think this is quite visionary. Nice work! And there is a dress for every shape of woman. I like the idea. 8+

And you? What have you loved most? 
Leave me a feedback <3

Angela Rosati

mercoledì 4 marzo 2015


Hello everybody! I am so sorry for the lack of updates but I've been quite busy with my life lately :)
I am planning to move to Milan again, so i am looking for a job. I had 2 interviews so far, I hope to get at least one, because they proposed me very interesting jobs! Well, we will see... 

As for the post of today, I am going to talk and show you pictures of some beautiful BOMBERS (lovers). It's a masterpiece in every chick wardrobe and it HAS to be UNIQUE. I was searching for mine and I got lost on ... that website it's simply beautiful! It's FULL of incredible stuff.

What is the best one for you? Write me a comment! :)